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I'm  a creative, thoughtful collaborator and team builder with a strong visual design background.
I have an inquisitive nature with a desire to learn that's reflected in a proactive interest in new digital platforms and processes. I love working with real and authentic companies, helping to create and sustain meaningful digital relationships their customers and communities using powerful digital storytelling.  

Here's some of the things I have worked on.




I currently spend the majority of my time working with a talented and diverse team of Quantum physicists, game developers, designers and visual artists on the 'ScienceAtHome' project based at Aarhus University.  We create fun scientific games, with the aim of revolutionising scientific research and teaching by game-play.  

In April 2016 ScienceAtHome launched a new website,  two new games on the AppStore and Google Play and our research was published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature.



In my role as Digital Content & Community Manager I played a key role in developing and delivering on Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research’s (Now 'Bloodwise') digital strategy, supporting the charity’s ambition to be leader in the field and creating lasting relationships with our community. I worked across the organisation, maximising digital opportunities and developing an engaged and active digital community. I helped select, recruit and manage an outstanding team of digital professionals to deliver on the aims of the organisation. Over the 5 years I worked at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research we made the transition from one digital team member, me, to a digital team of nine.

The work

  • Project managed the first NFP in-house crowdfunding site in the UK -

  • Managed the digital content, social media and community for the organisation.

  • Helped to select and employ an enlarged digital team managing a digital producer, developer and content assistant.

  • Guided the Design team in producing artwork for digital platforms and implementing Brand guidelines.

  • Member of the Branding project group completing brand realignment.

  • Completed groundwork for introducing an online community including personal profiles and external blogs.

  • Member of project group selecting Digital Marketing suppliers.

  • Member of CRM project group completing the selection of new open source CRM system for the organisation.


 I founded Hut Garden Studios with my friend, landscape designer Paul Goldie. We had five years of fun, stress and learning. We designed and built our bespoke timber garden studios from a converted stable. I didn't realise it at the time but it was my first go at building a brand. We were the first company in our field to use a new thing called 'Google Adwords', we started using them and the next day we got calls... I built the original website, managed the digital advertising and SEO.  I also designed all the marketing collateral and assisted calculating and supplying quotations for clients. Both of us were hands on constructing the buildings in the workshop and on site.  After five years of traveling around the UK putting up Huts I sold my half of the business to Paul.  He is still building. I think they do more beach huts now.

The work

  • Conceived, designed and planned building range

  • Constructed wooden buildings on and off-site

  • Managed building suppliers and deliveries

  • Customer support

  • Calculated and supplied quotes to customers

  • Established the original brand

  • Interviewed in the 'Financial Times' as a key influencer in the emerging home office industry

  • Designed and built the company website

  • Designed all the marketing materials

  • Established & managed the digital marketing channels

  • SEO & Google adwords

Jonathan Satchell - Freelance Illustrator

During my time as an illustrator in the UK I built high-quality skills in both digital and traditional illustration. I completed commissions for many of the leading design, advertising, and publishing companies in the UK, Europe and the USA.  My clients in the UK included Lexus, Marks and Spencer, Mars, Sainsbury, Airbus and the BBC. During this time my work was selected for ‘Images 25', The Association of Illustrators exhibition showcasing ‘The Best of British illustration’.  After 14 years working freelance I stopped, realising  that I wanted to do something that involved more personal interaction. I bring the creative skills and experience I built during this time to my evaluation to the visual that can enhance your brand.

The work

  • Artwork selected for 'The Best of British illustration - Images 25'

  • Illustrated and co-authored 3 children's books for Harper Collins in the UK

  • Supplied illustration work for the majority of UK magazine publishers

  • Created Packaging design for Sainsburys food division

  • Completed illustrations for Business Week in the USA

  • Illustrated promotional poster art for Lexus Automobiles

  • Illustrated special edition of 'Bounty' bar wrapper for Mars

  • Created illustrations for Marks & Spencer food packaging

  • Built HTML and website design skills during this time